Niesha Martin, LCPC

Niesha Martin, LCPC

Therapist (she/her) | Kansas City

I am a Licensed Clinical Therapist in the states of Kansas and Missouri.  I am someone who wants to help you seek healthy changes in your life and relationships.

I enjoy working with individuals one on one, couples, families, and teens.  My vast experience working within the juvenile justice system, public safety community, criminal justice system and within the community at hand, has led me to have a knack for being able to have an open mind and heart to help any person, regardless of your issue or issues.

My goal as your therapist will be to help you seek a healthier you, gain a strong sense of being as an individual and maneuver life changes, just to name a few things.  As a therapist, I will be here to support you through emotional ups and down, help you explore what life may throw at you and help you set and explore life goals.

In my years of working with individuals, couples, families, and teens, I know change is hard, but I also know you can make any big changes in your life happen.  If you are ready to work hard at exploring yourself and challenge yourself, you will be amazed with what you find inside yourself.

My closest friends know I am a fierce mother and wife, first time business owner and lover of a good Netflix and chill weekend. My core values are faith, determination, learning and openness.  I am an extrovert and have been since a very young age.  While I enjoy a simple Netflix and chill kind of day/night, I am also an avid reader, workout enthusiast and newly minted lover of plants.

Everyone needs a little help at some point in their lives and If you feel like you are ready to explore your thoughts, feelings and or behaviors, reach out.