Intensive Outpatient Program

Intensive Outpatient Program

The Intensive Outpatient Program or IOP is a 12-week group process. Patients will spend 8 hours per week in group sessions plus an additional 1 hour in individual therapy. All sessions will be led by a mental health and addictions professional. Group sessions will be held each Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, in addition to individual sessions occurring between Monday and Friday.

For each Intensive 12-week group the total number of participants is intentionally limited to 8. This is in accordance with ASAM guidelines and ensures each patient has the greatest potential to achieve the best outcome. The philosophy of this program is to place the patient in charge of their own learning and behavioral modification. Interpersonal Psychiatry relies on evidence-based methods, which allows our patients to achieve and maintain long-term sobriety. However, we do not use the 12-step program.

Patients can achieve and maintain long-term sobriety through an improved understanding of how neurobiology and psychosocial processes are changed and distorted during and after substance abuse. They will also learn interventions to manage both the physical and the emotional aspects of addiction.

Addiction is a complex brain disease that can impact all areas of a patient’s life. These areas can include their psychological health and social systems both occupationally and personally. Patients in the IOP group will interactively explore and present their personal experience. As a result, they will gain an understanding of the depth and/or breadth of their current distortions as well as how normal processes can be restored.

Hope Heller is the Intensive Outpatient Program director and she brings more than 17 years of experience in the mental health field. Call us to find out more information or to schedule an intake assessment: .