Woman taking medication

Medication Management

Our Medication Management Philosphy

We believe in prescribing medication for your mental health only when necessary. For this cause, we will talk with you to get to know you and learn what is troubling you. Then, other appropriate therapeutic modalities may be recommended, including a formal sleep study, behavioral therapies, art/music therapy, or traditional psychotherapy. Finally, medication will be prescribed if needed. Your medication management appointments will be with one of our physicians or nurse practitioners. When you have your initial medication management appointment, it will be a minimum of 45 minutes, with follow-up appointments typically being 10-15 minutes in length.

Help for swallowing medication

It is important to take your medication consistently in order to get better and stay better. Sometimes a common barrier to taking medication consistently can be trouble swallowing pills. Taking medication with a thick liquid or food such as milk, pudding, or applesauce can sometimes make taking your meds much less stressful. Also remember to tell your doctor about any problems you may have with taking your medication as prescribed. We will work together to solve this issue.

Two tricks to make it easier to swallow pills – Harvard Medical School