Ketamine Infusion

Infusion Therapy is a medical procedure in private rooms and utilizes constant mechanical monitoring to ensure patient safety and comfort. The procedure involves administering an appropriate dose of medication, such as ketamine, over a 40-minute time frame or longer. Throughout the infusion, practitioners watch the patient’s vital signs from the nursing station and enter the patient treatment room several times during the active phase of the infusion to monitor sedation levels and ensure patient comfort. The constant monitoring of heart rate, pulse, blood oxygen saturation percentages, and blood pressure provides patients with peace of mind knowing they are receiving the best possible care. Ketamine infusions remarkably affect patients experiencing symptoms of depression, anxiety, and other mental illnesses. With patients reporting a relaxing and peaceful experience, the infusions can quickly alleviate symptoms in upwards of 80% of patients. Although some may experience changes in vision and difficulty focusing, most report a sensation of floating or being disconnected. The effects occur almost immediately, and symptoms can be relieved after 1-2 infusions. With its potent therapeutic properties, ketamine infusions offer hope for patients seeking relief from the challenges of mental illness.