Support Staff


Katie recently relocated to this area from a small town in North Central Kansas.   She spent the last 5 years working on an ambulance and in emergency rooms as an AEMT.   She earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Nutrition Science from Kaplan University in 2010.  In August she began the journey to earning her Master’s Degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Capella University.    She is a strong advocate for mental health support and believes everyone deserves equal opportunity to heal from past traumas and live a fulfilling life.   Katie and her boyfriend are busy with blending their families and raising a total of seven children together.   She feels very blessed to be at this stage in her life and is grateful to be a part of Interpersonal Psychiatry.

Maisie is a long -time Lawrencian, having traveled and worked throughout the country, now calls her childhood community home. She has worked in health care for over 15 years. her career started right here in Lawrence working for a regional healthcare billing office. After that, she her interest shifted towards health care management with an emphasis on patient advocacy.
Outside of work, she is dedicated to creating a health active community, frequently at the front lines of recruiting team members to adult sports! A LFK enthusiast, she’s always promoting, volunteering, and enjoying cultural events in our community. She enjoys kickball in the summer, 90s dance parties, unsolved murder mystery podcasts and binge-watching Netflix shows (who doesn’t)! Mní wičhóni

Lauren manages the office at Kansas City Carondelet branch of Interpersonal Psychiatry. She has worked alongside psychiatrists for over 10 years to help provide excellent patient care and pursue research into better treatment options for patients. In her free time, Lauren is working on her a Master of Science degree for data analytics. She has two cats (Frost and Luna) who like to keep her company while studying.

CHrystal is Dr. Soni’s Assistant, she helps him with day to day functioning such as taking notes, sending lab orders, fixing prescription issues and anything else he may need to better care for the patients. Chrystal is a mother of 3! She enjoys being outdoors, crafting and being silly with my kids. She also loves making a difference in the lives of others and helping whenever she can. She believes that each one can teach one.

Tammy grew up in Baldwin City, KS and graduated from Baldwin High School. Tammy moved to Hawaii to live for 2.5 years then returned to live in Lawrence, Kansas, to raise her son.
Prior to working at Interpersonal Psychiatry, Tammy has worked for over 20 years as a administrative assistant, legal assistant, front desk receptionist and a personal assistant. She has received many achievement awards over the years.
Tammy’s outstanding professional customer service and communication skills to be able listen and focus on what the patient’s needs are, is a very valuable asset to Interpersonal Psychiatry. She knows how to strive to provide the best possible care to the patients whether it is by phone or in person.
Tammy’s dependability and consistency with multi-tasks skills, allows her to provide her services to the Ketamine clinic as well as assisting patients with the Conner’s Assessments, Gene-Sight testing and providing support to the Providers along with greet visitors, answering/directing phone calls.
When Tammy is not working, she enjoys traveling and connecting with nature. She is also very passionate and caring about animals.

Born & Raised in Kansas City, KS I moved here to Lawrence in 2019 on my personal journey in recovery. I have worked in Customer Service since I was 16yrs old, I have worked for Interpersonal Psychiatry for a little over 2yrs, I find joy in helping and encouraging people. My (almost) 11yr old son Aidyn helps to keep me young at heart. My goal is to get my Bachelors in Addiction Counseling and to also get my License as an Esthetician. I find happiness in good home cooked meals, traveling, hanging out with my closest family/friends, good skincare, makeup artistry, and DIY art projects. #GoChiefs

Kylie moved to Lawrence KS from Topeka in 2019. She is busy from sun up to sun down with her two boys, Aiden (7) & Grayson (5). She is blessed in her recovery, through all the trials & tribulations, she wakes up to a new day ready to feel inspired & to carry the message of hope and healing to others. She enjoys watching Greys Anatomy and can perform a Whipple with her eyes closed. She enjoys sharing laughs and making memories with the people she loves and of course good food! Her goal is to continue being the best mother she can be to her wonderful boys, and keep striving to be a better version of herself..… and the rest will come.